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Sulaiman Bay in Biduk-Biduk Sub-District, Berau

  Regarded as the best tourist spot in Berau District, Derawan Archipelago never disappoints tourists. However, travelers should explore other interesting locations in Berau like Biduk-Biduk Sub-district. It is the home of

Kutai National Park

    In national park area about 200 thousand hectares width is safe fauna and floral properties include animal and rareness plant that protected like orang-utan, bekantan and various forest orchids. In

Japan Cannon

  About 8 Km from the downtown in Kampung Baru Ilir countrysides, Asrama Hill area there is an omission cannon of Japan army. The position of this cannon indicates that Balikpapan is

Teritip Crocodile Breeding

    Crocodile Teritip Breeding is residing in east of the airport, 27 Km from downtown, there is place of crocodile breeding. Visitor can feed to crocodile with a chicken that bought

Bangkirai Hill / Bukit Bangkirai

  Bukit Bangkirai is one of the tourist destinations in East Kalimantan that you must be visit. About a two hour’s drive north of Balikpapan city central. Bukit is actually a park

Derawan Island in Berau District, East Kalimantan Province

                In East Kalimantan Province, there is a small archipelago called Derawan. It is a no brainer. Derawan becomes the prime island of such archipelago


How Get To East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan (Indonesian: Kalimantan Timur), is a province of Indonesia. Its territory comprises the eastern portion of Borneo. It has a population of about 3.5 million, and its capital is Samarinda. East Kalimantan has a

Balikpapan City

“Gawi Manuntung Waja Sampai Kaputing”, this is the Balikpapan slogan taken from Banjar language which mean, when starting a job should be accomplish perfectly. Balikpapan, is Indonesia city part of East Kalimantan

Culture East Borneo

  East Borneo is the second largest province in Kalimantan. This province is ao rich with its natural resources that coming from two main cities of Samarinda, which is the capital and

Makanan Khas Dari Provinsi Kalimantan Timur

Makanan Khas Dari Provinsi Kalimantan Timur Dan Penjelasannya Makanan Khas Kalimantan Timur – Begitu beragam kekayaan yang ada di indonesia, baik itu dari segi budaya, adat istiadat sampai makanan pun mungkin jika

Pampang Culture Tourism Area

Pampang Culture Tourism Area   Pampang is a cultural village in Sungai Siring which belong to the area of Samarinda, East Kalimantan and is a mainstay tourist of Samarinda City. Pampang area

East Borneo - East Kalimantan

East Borneo - East Kalimantan GEOGRAPHICALY East Kalimantan is the widest province in Indonesia, broadly region is about 245,237.80 Km2 or about one a half point of Java Island and Madura or

Introducing Balikpapan

As Kalimantan's only cosmopolitan city, Balikpapan is almost worthy of being considered a destination unto itself. A long history of oil money and foreign workers has had a tremendous impact, bringing Western