“Gawi Manuntung Waja Sampai Kaputing”, this is the Balikpapan slogan taken from Banjar language which mean, when starting a job should be accomplish perfectly. Balikpapan, is Indonesia city part of East Kalimantan province. A resource-rich region well known for its timber, mining, and petroleum export products.

There are some folklores that indicate the early begin of Balikpapan name, but there are no one for sure mention the right history about the name. Balikpapan, according to Bahasa Indonesia, balik is behind and papan is a plank. One of the folklore said that it comes from a folk story where a local king threw his newborn daughter into the sea to protect her from his enemies. The baby was tied beneath some planks, which were discovered by a fisherman

The early history of this city was influenced by some details, the era of Kutai reign that give the authority to the VOC and Dutch East Indies. On the era of Dutch East Indies, this government finally bought the area from the Sultan of Kutai Kertanegara. to support businesses, particularly for petroleum mining operations by establishing an oil refinery, operating offices and employee housing, this contribution is still exist until this day which become Pertamina settlements staffs.

Moreover, during world war II, Japanese fleet captured Balikpapan from Allied troops and the Dutch East Indies. under the leadership of Sakaguchi Shizuo. The Indonesia independent proclamation was late to find out in this town, which was about 1945-1946. Finally in 1949, this area submitted to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia States, which continues to the Republic of Indonesia.

Balikpapan is a rich city in its province. Some multinational corporations conduct business activities in East Kalimantan province. Such companies as Pertamina (Indonesia), Total S.A. (France), ChevronTexaco (US), Schlumberger (France), BakerHughes (US), Weatherford (US), Thiess Contractors Indonesia (Australia), and Halliburton (US) use Balikpapan as their base of operations in the region. Governmental public services also attract many people to work in this area, with presence of Bank Indonesia, Finance Department, Port of Semayang, and several others.

The local inhabitant in this city is still dominated by Javanese, which mostly are the transmigrant from other island, other ethnic who stay in Balipapan is Tionghoa, Banjar, Paser, Kutai, Bugis, Batak and other minor ethnics. The local people are mostly speak in Paser language or Banjar language, or just speak in Bahasa Indonesia. Other tradition or way of life is refer to each tribe related. There is no particular culture or tradition indicate the Balikpapan culture, because this is a city which become the land of transmigrant and expatriate.

Even Balikpapan is an industrial city, there are some destination that still become the tourism attractions like Bangkirai Hill Nature Tourism, Crocodile cultivation, The refinery, The People struggle Monument, Wanawisata KM 10, Bakapai Park, Wain river forest protection, Australian monument, Manggar segarasari beach, Melawai beach, Agro tourism and Japan monument.

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