Samarinda City

  • Tanah Merah Waterfall 

    Tanah Merah Waterfall  is located in the hamlet Purwosari, District of North Samarida, or about 14 km from the center of the city of Samarinda. These sights are easily accessible by public transport, you just need to ride public transportation department Segiri Market – Sungai Siring. Waterfall with a height of 15 meters is quite unique. The flowing water will look clear and clean, but when at the bottom, the water will turn into a murky reddish. This is because the soil here manifold peat. Even so, the tourist attractions in Samarinda is still much visited by tourists, especially during the weekends.

    Pinang Seribu Waterfall 

    The waterfall is located in the Village of North Samarinda. Pinang Seribu waterfall has a unique shape because of the form of steps like stairs and can be climbed. The water flow is not too heavy so it is relatively safe to play with the children. In addition to playing the water, you can rent a bicycle to get around an artificial lake water. You can also fishing in the pond full. Here too there are many gazebos to relax while enjoying your lunch. If you still want to be in these places longer, you can stay in villas in the region.

    Telaga Permai Batu Besaung

    Tourist attractions in Samarinda This is a green area which is used as a camping site. Although not camping here, but you can enjoy the beauty Telaga Batu Besaung Permai. The soil in this region have varying heights so that the river through which so resembles a short waterfall. You can take a dip and play in the shallow water pitcher. Additionally, you can also walk to explore the area to see its beauty.

    Samarinda Botanical Garden

    Samarinda Botanical Garden located at 10 km from the center of the city of Samarinda. This attraction educational forest belongs Mulawaman University, but open to the public. In the area of the botanical garden, there is a large lake that you can hire water bikes and circumference pool area. If you want to get around this area, you can use a horse-drawn carriage. Moreover, the tourist attractions in Samarinda also has a mini zoo and a museum timber which contains information about the type of timber in Borneo. Samarinda Botanical Garden is open every day except Fridays, 9: 00-16: 00

    Green Valley Recreation Park

    These sights are not far from the Samarinda Botanical Gardens, precisely in the path of Samarinda – Bontang KM 15. Green Valley Recreation Park are camping ground, flying fox, a replica of the forest, swimming pool, playground, gazebo, fishing pond and a cafeteria. Besides being a tourist in Samarinda which is visited by many families, this park is also used as a location for outbound for school children and employees of many companies.

    Tjiu’s Palace Samarinda

    This tourist spot located in the area of his right at Sultan Sulaiman Street (Pelita 6) Samarinda. Tjius palace for family attractions of entertainment such as fishing pond, water bikes (pedal and engine) to have a shape that is quite unique that such cute animals (ducks, dragons etc), there is also a car-shaped, large boats, bikes motors and much more. There is also a train and a special children who water cycling area. And there is also a futsal field. To enter these places are not entrance ticket, but at the time in these places is forbidden to bring food and drinks from outside. For someone who has a hobby of fishing, this place is perfect.

    Makroman Crocodile

    Travel crocodile breeding Makroman Samarinda -An interesting natural attractions in the city of Samarinda, Captive alligators. Clearly the place is located on the island village, Makroman villages, sub-districts within Palaran approximately 17km from the city center samarinda. This place you can travel using two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles. The natural attractions of approximately 7 hectares have 3 types of crocodiles that are currently in captivity Makroman. the names of the crocodile species that Siam crocodiles, estuarine crocodiles and alligators pinchers. All types of crocodiles in captivity this,

    Samarendah Park

    Samarendah Park is a park located in the city center took the former land of Senior High School 1 and Junior High School 1 including Youth Field on Bhayangkara Street with the concept as Simpang Lima in Semarang. Although not yet fully operation and still in the finishing stages, but the park was very striking when we entered the “center” of the city of Samarinda with great signage reads “SAMARENDAH PARK”.

    Mahakam Lampion Garden

    Samarinda government continue to improve the recreational facilities in the city. Mahakam Lantern Garden is one of the projects undertaken by the City Government in order to meet the demand for recreation. Based on the lip of the Mahakam River, is a strategic location so if you want to take pictures with the passenger exist various types of lanterns that exist in this place. Ranging from replicas of animals to famous landmarks that exist around the world.

    Karang Mumus River

    Karang Mumus River is the divides the city of Samarinda, East Kalimantan. Karang Mumus River is a tributary of the Mahakam which has a length of 34.7 kilometers flow. Karang Mumus River be one way water transportation for residents in the watershed (DAS) Karang Mumus, but it is also a source of activity of washing, bathing, and other activities

    Mahakam River Border

    Mahakam river is the flow of the river that circles most areas Kutai regency, West Kutai and Samarinda. Samarinda community cultural activities we may witness, such as use of the river as a means of transport for the transport of passengers and goods as well as agricultural products traded between the island and exported to foreign countries through the Port of Samarinda. At night can be visited and enjoyed also grilled corn snacks and there are some other food stalls along the banks of the Mahakam River’s banks.

    • The National Building

      The National Building, formerly a part of a complex of private education non-Dutch named Neutrale Schools established Islamic leaders Samarinda. The school stands to accommodate Muslims nonasing education, which is prohibited attend schools in the Netherlands, nor may attend Chinese schools (Zhonghua Xue 中華 學堂 stairs, then turned Dahua Xuexiao- 達 華 學校).

      A gallery featuring photos of Samarinda past

      This gallery has a large collection of photos-photos Samarinda past, from the figure of Aminah Syukur until the arrival of the president and first vice Presinden Indonesia in Samarinda.

      Tomb Daeng Mangkona

      The story begins in 1668 when Lamohang Daeng Mangkona and a group of residents from Bugis Wajo migrate to migrate from their home area is because they are not willing to obey and submit to the Bongaja Agreement which was going to war in their home Region.

      Daeng Mangkona and population group also chose the island of Borneo in Kota Samarinda precisely formerly known Samarenda this. They met with the Sultanate of Kutai Ing Martadipura and asked for permission to stay sementara.Kemudian permitted on condition that they should help the troops Kutai Ing Martadipura to resist occupation at that time.

      Until successful and since that time Daeng Mangkona entourage these newcomers develop Low Land area now called samarinda and a trading center and also as a port of call. therefore at present for the waterfront area as a place for living Samarinda Seberang migrants from Bugis Wajo as gratitude has helped kerasaan Martadipura Kutai Ing.

      Up until the end of La mohang Daeng Mangkona along with his entourage also died and was buried in Samarinda Seberang.

      Cultural Village Pampang

      Cultural tourism demand because besides can see the local culture, you can also learn about other cultures. In Samarinda, no travel sebuahtempat popular culture that Pampang Cultural Village. The village is inhabited by Dayak Kenyah. On weekends, this tourist spot visited by many tourists outside the city and abroad. Every Sunday, at 13:00 to 15:00 art show held in lamin or village meeting halls. This building is unique because it is a traditional house with carvings typical Dayak tribe. Interestingly, at the time of an ongoing art show, the whole village will be wearing native dress.

    • Citra Niaga Souvenir Center

      Citra Niaga is the central business district in the city of Samarinda, East Kalimantan, with an area of approximately 2.7 hectares which is designed to provide a place of business for small traders (60%) as well as large and medium traders (40%). Citra Niaga was built on August 27, 1987.

      Its location is the former site called Amusement Gelora burning, the conditions at the time the new Samarinda population around 300,000 people and require a shopping and leisure center. Activity Center’s work of architect Antonio Ismael never received the international award of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (Akaa) in 1989, that time Citra Niaga compete with candidates Soekarno-Hatta and finally Citra Niaga was the one who was chosen to receive the award.

      Weaving Sarong Samarinda

      One characteristic of the city of Samarinda is tenunnya fabric. Samarinda typical woven fabric has a plaid pretty. If you want to buy this woven fabric as souvenirs, please come to the District Samarinda Seberang. There are two villages that became the center of this craft, namely Kampung Baqa and Kampung Masjid. These two villages into tourist attractions for visitors from out of town. Here, in addition to buying the fabric, you can also see the manufacturing process. The process of making fabric is still very simple because it uses loom machines called ‘Gedokan’.

      Culinary Village Nasi Kuning

      There is a place in Jalan Mangkurat which has been inaugurated by the government of Samarinda as “Kampoeng Yellow Rice” in 2011 ago. Like when you’re visiting Yogyakarta where you’ll find many sellers Gudeg throng along Jalan Malioboro, here, in Kampoeng Nasi Kuning you will find a lot of stalls hawkers along Jalan yellow rice Mangkurat.

      Alaya Food Festival

      For those who are fond kulineran may already be familiar with Alaya Food Festival. With the food court concept but different to ever exist in the mall, Alaya Food Festival offers different sensations because of its location on a hill Alaya beautiful, and the food choices were varied. Not only was the food, the cafe until segmented restaurant that serves Mexican food as there is any here.

    • Islamic Center 

      The mosque is located in the Teluk Lerong Village Samarinda. Built in 2001 and inaugurated in 2008, Islamic Center became one of the religious tourist places most visited in the city. Mosque architecture is inspired by the Hagia Sophia in Turkey, for example, on the size of the patterned dome. The mosque has a 99-meter main tower adapted to the Asmaul Husna, and six towers with shorter size which symbolizes the pillars of faith. In addition, the stairs to the main floor of the mosque amounted to 33 pieces, the same number as rosary beads.

      Ie Kong Thien temple

      Place of worship as well as Chinese citizens Tri Dharma adherents of traditional beliefs stood first in the city since 1905. The construction took place under the initiation and the protection of the Dutch officer of Chinese descent, Huang Qingquan. Thus, a temple with nine altar of the god and one of the main altar (directed to the sky), it has been aged 110 years, and has gone through six eras: the Dutch colonization, Japanese colonization, independence, Old Orde, New Orde (when the Chinese culture is pressed government) and the Reformation to the present.

      Shiratal Mustaqiem Mosque

      Shiratal Mustaqiem Mosque is the oldest mosque building in Samarinda. Mosque at Jalan Pangeran Bendahara, Village Mosque, Samarinda Seberang was built in 1881 by Abdurrahman bin Said Assegaf  Bendahara Prince at that time came to Samarinda from Pontianak to trade.

      Buddhist Center

      Buddhist Center is a place of worship Buddhists and also as a training ground, where the largest presence in Southeast Asia



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