Discover The Rich Heritage : Pampang Cultural
Tourism Area

Discover The Rich Heritage :
Pampang Cultural Tourism Area

Pampang is a cultural village in Sungai Siring, located within the Samarinda region of East Kalimantan, and stands as a primary tourist destination in Samarinda City. Positioned approximately 20 km from Samarinda City, the Pampang area is an intriguing cultural tourism spot offering a glimpse into the life and ambiance of the Dayak Kenyah tribe. The attractions here include the Lamin or Dayak tribe custom house, traditional dances, and the customs ceremony of the Dayak Kenyah tribe, held every Sunday from noon until evening.

Pampang Cultural Tourism Area
Pampang Cultural Tourism Area

Annually, the village hosts the Pampang Cultural Festival. In Pampang Cultural Village, there is a residential area inhabited by the Dayak Kenyah people. Visitors can witness performances of Dayak culture and dances lasting approximately 2 hours, held in traditional houses. Moreover, guests can observe the daily lives of the Dayak people. After enjoying the performances, visitors can take photos with the dancers or local residents. Following the photography session, guests can explore the custom houses and seek souvenirs to take home, such as keychains adorned with bear, tiger, and wild boar fangs, as well as traditional Dayak fabrics and more.

Directions to The Area

Pampang Cultural Village or Dayak Tribe Village is situated on the Samarinda-Bontang road axis at km 5. If you’re coming from Balikpapan (Sepinggan Airport), you can take Soekarno Hatta Street towards Samarinda. Follow the road along the Mahakam River, passing through Sei Keledang PLTD, and cross the Mahakam River bridge. Within the city, take Pangeran Antasari Street to the intersection, then head towards Juanda. From Juanda Street, find the intersection and take the right lane towards Lembuswana Mall. Shortly after passing Lembuswana Mall, take the left lane onto Cendrawasih Street. Please take the right lane and continue towards the Samarinda-Bontang road axis. Pampang Cultural Village is located on the left side of the road. The travel time is approximately a 4-hour drive. If you plan to stay in Samarinda, there’s no need to worry, as a variety of hotels, ranging from budget to star-rated, are available.

Closer to the Dayak Tribe

Literally, the word “Dayak” means a person from inland or the mountains. Therefore, Dayak refers to mountain people. According to Dayak beliefs, especially in the hinterlands of Borneo, passed down from generation to generation, the ancestors of the Dayak originated from Kalimantan Island and were sent from heaven to the earth with the “Palangka Bulau” (Palangka meaning holy, clean, a shelf, a sacred stretcher, an axle of gold derived from the sky, often also referred to as “rack or Kalangkang”). However, based on historical stories, all tribes residing in Indonesia trace their origins to the Austronesian race originating from the plains of China around 3500-1500 BC.

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